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Nico's Journal

Klaatu barada Nico!

about me
I have a physics degree and have spent most of my working life so far as a programmer, and my hobbies are reading, writing, and drawing. I love science fiction and though I mostly write for Blake's 7 which I fell for when it was shown in reruns here several years ago, I enjoy a wide range of fandoms and genres: SF, fantasy, comedy, and mystery.

I've lived and worked in Israel, England, and Germany, and have travelled around Europe and South East Asia. I live with Greg and three cats, and have recently moved from Auckland to Oamaru, steam-punk capital of NZ and, some say, the world.

My emergency contact information is on my earliest post, locked to a few friends.

Re 'friending'. I very much dislike the term and prefer to regard it as subscribing. If I happen to unsubscribe, it's because I don't have much in common with you, not because I don't like you.

Profile code by coloriages, images by me from my own artwork

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