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Childhood meme

I nicked this from zoefruitcake a while back and copied it to a file. I just came across it so I decided to fill it out.


1. Your favourite toy as a child.
My model aeroplanes, mostly WW2 fighters.

2. Your favourite meal as a child.
Flounder and chips followed by trifle.

3. Your favourite clothing item as a child.
Shorts and t-shirt.

4. Your favourite cartoon show as a child?
Hmm, that's a hard one. I adored all cartoons, especially the old classic Loony Tunes and Hanna-Barbera ones. House of Hashimoto was very cute. We still say our vacuum cleaner (a colourful Dyson) has a very sucky motor.

5. Your favourite place to visit when you were a child?
The beach. I loved surfing and would stay in the sea for hours till I was wrinkled. I wanted to grow gills and live in an underwater city. The only drawback was that my mother made me wear a t-shirt in the water so I wouldn't get burned. I'm glad now so many of my friends have skin cancer, but at the time it was like a neon sign flashing "red-haired dork".

6. Your favourite book(s) as a child?
Again it's hard to say. I read everything I could lay my hands on. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle stands out, but I was about 12 when I read that. When I was much younger, I had a child's science book. On one page was a picture of the Earth with people flying off it looking surprised. It had the caption, "Look, no gravity!". I spent hours looking at the no gravity, but it took me years to realise that they wouldn't have flown straight up like that. But hey, it made me laugh.

7. Your favourite smell(s) as a child?
Mum cooking chocolate fudge for us.

8. Your best friend as a child?
Lesley Grant, probably. She happily went along with all my heavily-armed war games and "let's pretend we're spies in Occupied France" and Star Trek with a huge tree in our back yard as the Enterprise. There were lots of others but she was the only child of an elderly bank manager and the most regular player.

9. Your favourite hobby as a child?

10. Your favourite animal?
Cats and dogs! They still are. You want specifics? We had a cocker spaniel called Peter who joined in all our games as a German guard dog, faithful British hound, or a hairy alien in Star Trek. We had a bad-tempered half-Persian called Beethoven (because of his expression) who failed to put me off cats, then a very playful and affectionate tabby called Sam who followed my parents as a starving kitten and demanded that he be adopted. Yep, Sam and Peter.

11. Most embarrassing moment when you were young?
I was in the top reading group but one day I had a complete block about the word 'river'. "River?", I asked, pronouncing it to rhyme with 'diver'. "What's that? Someone who rives?" The teacher's mouth hung open, but the class thought it was funny. It's one advantage of being the class clown.

12. Something odd you did as a child?
I used to draw in the air. I'd draw people, scenes, huge murals, and even erase the bits I didn't like. I still do this, but only little doodles under the table where no one can see.

13. What was a bad habit you had as a child?
My parents would have said excessive reading and air-drawing. Let's see. I rubbed my nose when I was embarrassed like my father did, and I still do.

14. What was something you feared as a child?
That the dormant volcano (Mt Taranaki) we lived on would erupt. I recently discovered my sister had pretty much the same nightmares. The mountain (which dominated the view from our bedroom window) would blow up, molten lava would flow towards Stratford (the town with the Shakespearean streets I've mentioned before), the streets would be blocked with cars and fleeing people, I'd run around the house trying to get my favourite things, then run out just ahead of the lava and climb a tree. The dream would end with the lava rising higher while I clung there. When we moved away, I graduated to nightmares about nuclear wars.

15. Name one thing you could have back now from your childhood?
Hope for an exciting and successful future and the belief that I could do anything.

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