Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Value

I'm a bit behind on posting my b7friday stories. A couple of weeks ago, the topic was redemption. 265 words.


"There you are," Serrin said. "Your first cut. Not many boys who can say that at eleven."

Vila pocketed the money and grinned proudly.

"Nice work, lad. You'll be better than me one day, know that?"

Vila hoped so too, but he looked modestly at his feet. "Oh, I dunno."

Serrin shook his head. "No harm in ambition, you know. What're you going to spend it on?"

"Something nice for mum."

"You're a good lad."


"Here you are, mum. Flowers, real ones."

"Oh, Vila! They're lovely! Where did you--" Jandy stopped, her heart sinking. "You didn't steal them? You know how I feel--"

"Nah, bought 'em fair and square."

"What with? Oh, Vila. You could have been a Beta with your learning, you know what they said."

"What, and work all day for some Alpha boss and never be the best no matter how I try? I know what I'm really good at. This is something I can do better 'n anyone, you'll see." Vila slid a small package across the table. "Here."

"What's that?"

"Open it." Vila's eye's sparkled.

Jandy loosened the tie and tipped a gold necklace into her hand. Real gold, the only thing she had from her mother, left tucked into her baby blanket when she'd been left outside the orphanage. She'd pawned it to pay the rent several months ago. She stared at it, then at Vila's beaming face.

"I knew how much you missed it."

"Silly boy. Don't you know you're worth so much more?" Fiercely, she hugged him tight, then slipped the necklace over his head.
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