Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Work and a cute colleague

My workplace is not a happy one. There's been restructuring and redundancies, and because they lost a major contract everyone is being forced to take three weeks annual leave starting next week. The person I work for suggested I apply for a permanent position, but I prefer to continue to take on temporary roles; that way I can stay detached and unaffected.

However, here are a couple of pics of a colleague who is totally unworried by all this. After all, he has his place in the sun.

Mook is the assistant caretaker (he cleans up any lunch scraps dropped on the floor) and a great morale-booster too. He lives on the premises with his human, the caretaker. He has an open invitation to visit my office and sit on my lap, but so far he hasn't taken me up on it.



He's all of nine months old and full of energy. I had a hard time getting pics of him as he wouldn't stay still. He was either rushing the camera, writhing on the ground in delight at all the attention, or contorting himself into strange poses to wash. He's a pleasure to have around the place--he always makes people smile.
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