Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Birthday

Happy birthday to redstarrobot. And here's a fic for her; 300 words.


"You know what today is?" Vila set a tray of drinks down beside the flight-deck couch.

"No." Avon didn't even bother to look up from his work table. "But I'm sure you'll tell us anyway. Whether or not we're interested."

Vila's face fell, then he shrugged and picked up a glass. "Cheers, Vila." He took a swig. "Why, thanks, Vila. Nice drink. Have one yourself, Vila. Don't mind if I do." He drained the glass.

Cally shook her head and smiled. "All right, Vila. Tell us what day it is."

"He's taken all the fun out of it now." Vila passed the tray round. "Have a drink everyone and forget I even spoke. That should be easy enough," he added bitterly.

"Vila." Cally put her hand on his arm. "Tell me."

"It's my birthday," Vila muttered.

"Your birthday?" Cally frowned. "The day of your birth? You mean it is a certain number of years since you were born?"

"That's right." Vila brightened. "Thirty to be exact. Nice round number."

Cally put her head on one side. "You celebrate that?"

"My sentiments exactly. Puzzling, isn't it?" Avon put down his laser probe. "Although it would be difficult to celebrate him never having been born, pleasant though the thought is."

Vila stopped in the act of handing Avon a drink. "I suppose you never had a birthday yourself. More a release date, wasn't it?"

Blake laughed and took a glass. "Happy birthday, Vila."

"Thanks. And anyway, it's not being born I'm so pleased about. It's surviving another year."

"Ah." Cally nodded. "That makes sense. I'll drink to that."

"Yes." Blake looked around. "I think that's something we can all celebrate."

"Then it's a party!" Vila looked hopefully sideways at Blake as he handed drinks to Gan and Jenna.

Blake smiled. "Why not?"

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