Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Three ficlets

The b7friday challenge a couple of weeks ago was to use one of the children's lines from their Blake's 7 games which I'd posted. I ended up writing three stories.

For the first, I used three of the kids' lines. 300 words.

Pulling Rank

"I say we just bluff our way in," Tarrant said from the top of the ridge where he had a good view of the base.

"And just how do you plan to do that?" Avon asked.

"I'm wearing my Space Fleet uniform. I'll just pull rank on the guards."

"No. We wait till dark and Vila breaks us in." Avon checked the timer on a bomb. "Go and talk some sense into him, Vila." He shut his eyes briefly at the very thought, but on consideration decided that Vila actually possessed more.

"I'm not going." Vila folded his arms. "Last time I climbed up there, Tarrant pushed me off."

"Tarrant." Avon gritted his teeth. "Haven't I told you before to leave Vila alone?"

"He was talking. He was distracting me."

"Get down here now."

"No." Tarrant pushed out his lower lip. "I'm observing the base."

"Now, Tarrant."

"Oh, yes? And who d'you think you are? Blake?"

Vila stole a look at Avon's stormy face and winced. "Tarrant! You're not supposed to say that word!"

Tarrant ignored him. "I've had enough hanging around. I'm going in."


"And just what gives you the right to tell me what to do, Avon?"


"Oh, yes? What sort? You don't hold any military rank."

Avon climbed the slope and stood toe-to-toe with Tarrant and imitated his petulant tones. "Well I say we're not doing it, Tarrant, and I'm older than you, so there."

Tarrant was so stunned, he couldn't think of a reply, and anyway it was too late. He reddened and retreated back down towards Vila, who was pretending to check his tools. He suddenly felt ashamed of bullying him now he knew how it felt. "Sorry," he muttered. The way Avon was these days, the crew really ought to stick together.

Then, because I couldn't resist, I used a line of Vila's in a drabble.

Rising to the Challenge

"That was a nice cuppa." Vila held his mug out to Gan. "Couldn't get me another one, could you, mate?"

"No problem." Gan took it and ambled off.

Somewhat annoyed that he hadn't thought to ask for one himself (and suspecting after all his insults that Gan may add unwanted substances anyway), Avon glared. "You couldn't be any more lazy, could you?"

Vila grinned. "Is that a challenge? All right then." He stretched luxuriously. "You know what? I'm hungry." He looked over at the others, who were already smiling. "Blake, teleport me into the kitchen and I'll pinch some crisps."

But reapermum was disappointed no-one had used Gan's line about Blake and the dog, so I obliged. 200 words.


"Half a sec. I'll be through this in no time," Vila said, intent on the inside of a lock. "Y'know, it's a scandal, the sort of security the Federation relies on."

"Vila!" Blake said in an oddly strangled voice.

"Well, you know what I mean. There--finished!" Vila stepped back with a flourish and looked at Blake in surprise. White and shaking, he was staring through the link fence with horror. On the other side, a large guard dog growled softly. "Oh, right. Someone'll have to stun that, I suppose."

"Jenna," Gan said, "go and hold Blake's hand. You know he's scared of that dog."

"Oh and I thought he was quite the fearless leader," Avon sneered.

Jenna scowled at him as she took Blake's arm.

"Sorry," Blake said. "It's just that...I've never liked animals. They're so wild. You can't talk to them."

"You mean manipulate them?" Avon drew his gun and shot the dog. Vila winced.

"And they knew," Blake said. "They find out what frightens you."

For a moment, Vila's eyes focussed on something that wasn't there. Then he took Blake's other arm. "It's all right now," he said gently. "I'll look after you." Just for a change.

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