Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The 'what's on my desk' meme

Don't worry, most of it's fannish or just weird.

Assorted stuff

  • my LCD monitor (my puter's under the desk)
  • two speakers
  • a calculator
  • my graphics pad and pen
  • several real pens
  • four CDs
  • the Blake's 7 book, Liberation (I don't agree with a lot of their theories but it's useful for looking up names and their correct spelling)
  • a DVD burner
  • five Babylon 5 figures, Londo fallen over [pause to put him back on his feet]
  • half a ream of printer paper
  • the printer it's for
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • an electric mosquito repeller
  • a lamp
  • a teleport bracelet made by Matt Irvine (B7 model-maker)
  • the Blake's 7 season 1 crew made of pipecleaners and standing in front of Zen, all made by kalypso_v
  • a Corgi Liberator
  • several Babylon 5 ships
  • a tuatara (plastic)
  • a cat (wooden)
  • a stuffed and glittery snake and frog (all of these are menacing the B7 crew who have their backs to Zen (I must make up the paper Orac I have for them)
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