Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Mostly Lost

Things seen lately include:

  • The HHGTTG clip (in painfully slow-to-load Flash). Zaphod only has one head and everyone but Arthur Dent seems to be American, but--Martin Freeman! Yay!
  • The third ep of Lost, on which I shall comment below as it had some more SF-y clues.
  • The first ep of season 3 of Kath and Kim, an Australian comedy which has the wonderful Magda Szubanski in it. I saw this the same night as Lost, hence the strange crossover drabble below.
Thoughts on Lost

I'm impressed with how well they concealed Locke's condition in the flash-backs. The fact that he was healed before waking up on the beach after the assumed crash lends strength to my speculation that aliens abducted the lot of them and chose them somehow for an experiment or maybe a zoo. I don't think they're on Earth any more, and there's definitely a discontinuity between the break up in mid-air and them ending up on an tiny island in a huge ocean in almost one piece, all right, three. Maybe Rose is right--the tail section's out there too.

And ooh, lots of questions! What did Locke see? Why didn't it kill or hurt him? Why did it kill the pilot? Who killed the pig--Locke or the thing? I can't help but wonder if it's one of their captors. Maybe it didn't want to hurt its experimental subjects, but the pilot wasn't part of it and survived when he wasn't expected to.

Who does Jack keep seeing?

I don't go in for disaster or survival stories (Greg does and loves this) but I'm really enjoying the complexity and unexpectedness of the characters. None of them are what they seem at first.

Silly crossover drabble (Farscape/Lost)

Furlow came in low over the island. Intriguing: the wreckage seemed to be similar technology as Crichton's Farscape module. Were the people she could see on the beach from his home world?

She landed and climbed out onto the sand. Several people were running towards her, shouting and waving, but close by a man was wading in from the sea with an improvised spear. His wet clothes were plastered to his perfect body. Furlow's pale eyes widened and her breath caught.

He was beautiful.

"Well, hello gorgeous!" she said, licking her lips.

"Dude!" said Hurley. "You know how to fish?"
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