Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Comic Stark icons

I fancied an icon snowgrouse made but astrogirl2 beat me to it, so I bought it off her with the promise to make her a Stark icon in the same comic style as my Vila one here. I ended up making her two:

splicing freaknow

They're hers, so you can't have them. :-)

However while I was figuring out what to make her, I did some other Starks. These are up for adoption. You can comment that you're taking one and copy it to your hard drive, or you can ask me for some different text. Just credit me is all I ask.

eye idiot myside planet

I also have a choice of three backgrounds for the fisty one if you want to give me some (very brief) text for a speech balloon or a caption box.

fists1 fists2 fists3

I love this effect. If you want me to make some icons of some other characters (Blake's 7, anybody?) with your choice of picture, and speech or caption text, let me know.

Tags: icons
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