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Children playing Blake's 7 games

An excellent story on b7friday by calapine reminded me of this. A while back, a friend sent me some quotes from children playing Blake's 7 games. She found it on a B7 mailing list where someone had posted them from some old B7 letterzines which a reader had written in to with selected quotes from her kids and their friends playing B7 games. They are so funny, and I can even imagine some of them being said by the real characters.

Children playing Blake's 7

Cally: Avon, Avon, the monsters are everywhere, the volcanoes are erupting, you'd better come and save the world.
Avon: I'll be there in a minute. I've just got to do a wee first.

Soolin: Geroff, Tarrant, or I'm telling your mum.

Vila: I'm not playing. Every time I speak, you all shout shut up, Vila, an' I never get a turn with the big gun.

Dayna: That's not fair. I killed you first.

Gan: Jenna, go and hold Blake's hand. You know he's scared of that dog.

Avon: Well I say we're not doing it, Tarrant, an' I'm older than you, so there.

Vila: Tarrant! You're not supposed to say that word.

Blake: I want to be Vila next time 'cos I'm really thirsty.

Dayna: I don't care where she hides her weapons, I'm not putting it there.

Jenna: Look, Tarrant, we already know you're the tallest, so just get off the shed roof.

Avon: Look, you wanted to be Servalan, so stop moaning about being shot.
Servalan: Yes, but I wouldn't have wanted the wedding dress if I'd known I had to die for it.

Soolin: Every time I shoot this gun, I drop it.

Vila: Someone shove a brick under the wheel of Jenna's chair otherwise she'll never manage to fly the ship.

Gan: Oh come on, you've got to let me have an idea sometimes.

Vila: I'm not going. Last time I climbed up there, Tarrant pushed me off.

Soolin: Tarrant, if you do that again, I'm going to knock your stupid head right off your stupid shoulders. I mean it.

Avon: We're a Mars bar short--somebody shove Vila out of the airlock.

Cally: I'm fed up with being rescued. When can I kill somebody?

Tarrant: No! It's not fair, I don't want to play any more, I'm going home, and I'm going to tell my mum.

Vila: I'm hungry. Blake, teleport me into the kitchen and I'll pinch some crisps.

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