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This is a test of the new rich text mode to see how it works.

I never had a Christmas tree until a couple of years ago when I saw some beautiful glass ornaments in a shop and had to buy a tree to put them on. I got an artificial one as I hate the idea of killing a baby tree then displaying the poor dead thing for a month.

I have the Liberator on mine amongst a lot of planet-shaped baubles.

Here's the tree:

and here's a close-up of the Liberator orbiting above a blue planet with bands of white cloud:

Hmm, that was fairly painless. Now to post it and see how it worked.

[Edit] Not bad, but it uses different HTML from what I would use and has only a limited number of options--no centering, blockquotes, or closing the lj-cut and adding more text. Easy to use though!
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