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Places I have lived

It took me two hours to commute home in horrendous traffic. I like the company I'm contracting at--it's interesting, nerdy (electronics) and friendly--but I'm so not taking a permanent job there should I ever get offered one.

OK, to take my mind off my frustration with Auckland traffic, here's a meme, copied from steverogerson and matildabj:

Places I have lived

We moved a lot when I was a kid; I went to three different primary schools and three high schools No wonder I feel a bit trapped now I've lived here for more than five years. And I suppose it's why I have so few lasting RL friends--I keep leaving. :-(
  1. Birkenhead, Auckland
  2. New Plymouth, Taranaki
  3. Stratford, Taranaki (The full name is Stratford on Avon and a river called the Avon does indeed run through it. The planners named every street after a Shakespeare character. We lived in Juliet and Hamlet Streets.)
  4. Kawhia, King Country
  5. Stratford again (this time in Orlando Street; my school was in Regan Street)
  6. Hamilton
  7. Auckland (three different flats while at uni, in Remuera, Grafton, and Remuera again)
  8. Lower Hutt

  9. Thun, Switzerland (with a family called Schwarz which later confused people in Israel no end when I mentioned that I'd lived with the Schwarzes--they assumed I'd been in Africa)
  10. Kfar Hachoresh, Israel
  11. Dovrat, Israel
  12. Neasden, London
  13. Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt am Main

  14. Mt Eden, Auckland (yes, the place with the prison)
  15. Sandringham, Auckland
  16. Ellerslie, Auckland
  17. St Johns, Auckland
17! And that was with some of them amalgamated. Counting separate houses, it's more like 20, though some of them were only for a few months. This is the longest I've lived anywhere in my life.
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