Nico (vilakins) wrote,

'It was all a dream' rant

I'd just like to express how much I loathe 'it was all a dream' stories. I feel I wasted yesterday evening watching a British TV play called Promoted to Glory. It was brilliantly acted with strong and likeable characters, but I felt very pissed off and cheated when the bloody thing ended and none of the characters but the dreamer were real. [stabs at writer with a spork]

The play starts with an alcoholic being entranced with the smiling face of a female Salvation Army officer singing Christmas carols. He crosses the street to her and gets knocked down by a bus. Cue a very involving story in which he has partial amnesia, is taken in at her detox centre, gets to know some interesting characters there, dries out, and pursues Annie, the officer, with whom he's in love--so much so he gets his life in order, becomes a Sally Army officer himself (learning all the articles of faith etc) and starts his own detox centre. He then has what appears to be a heart attack just as Annie realises she loves him and not her humourless but in the end sympathetic fiancé, and goes to him.

Then we replay the first scene and he's back there dying on the street with 'Annie' smiling down at him. Except that she's really called Margaret, her 'fiancé' is the bus driver, and the 'other alcoholics' he got to know are just random shoppers in the street who stop to look. This is just a kick in the teeth to the viewers. People we invest in are just figments in the mind of a dying man, and this isn't even logical: no-one dreams a year's events complete with scenes they weren't in, complex characters, religious instruction, and psychiatric assessments.

Like the clichéd sexist alien society, this plot device should be stamped out

Tags: rant
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