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Well, I've seen the first ep of Lost. It was very good, though I was a bit worried it was going to be horror rather than SF till near the end. Horror I don't go for.

Firstly, I think some outside agent is responsible for their crash, and their survival. Planes don't break up in mid-air like that, and they certainly don't end up in large and relatively intact chunks on a convenient island with 40-odd of the passengers almost unhurt. The pilot said his radio was out well before the crash, so it looks like a planned event. Also, Jack would not have survived a fall through those trees. He was put there. Charlie straps himself into a first-class seat but he's on the beach with the others instead of dead in the front section. Were certain passengers chosen to survive?

Another question: why didn't the pilot either continue on his course or return to Australia? Diverting to Fiji seems an odd choice if he was out of contact, but hey, maybe it's standard procedure to go to the nearest airport.

Jack has a thing about the number 5. He talks about the 5 seconds it took to conquer his fear as a surgeon, and he has a tat with a 5 and what look like 5 seconds marked out in an arc under it. I'm not sure what the rest of the picture is. A coiled snake?

That thing that's big enough to knock down palm trees in its path either hasn't been there very long, or it's a mistake: there wouldn't be much jungle still standing if it had.

When Kate took the handcuffs off, she left them unlocked. They're found locked.

Sayid said the batteries in the transceiver would last only a few hours. They hear a looping message with an incremental count that has been transmitting for 16 years. Either it's using some other power source, plus the count must be computer-generated, or it was created that day just for them to hear.

And then there's the polar bear.

And the title sequence which reminds me of things floating in space.

I am intrigued.

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