Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Writing and resolution memes

Here are severely truncated versions of the writing and resolution memes.

What I wrote in 2004

I'm lazy. My Blake's 7 LJ fiction is in my memories here (the first five stories are from 2003) and also on my site here if you want a list with short descriptions of each story.

Apart from those, I also wrote Islands and Limiters for a Blake's 7 ficathon, and In the Market for the Farscape Starkathon. Oh and there's a story which is going in Chronicles, one of the two Blake's 7 gen zines left.

Resolutions for 2005

The above list is a worry. I didn't add much fiction to my site, so I'm going to:

  1. Finish my PGP (a 5- or 6-parter)
  2. Write at least three of the stories in my head
  3. Put some of the longer LJ fiction on my site and on Hermit
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