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I've been commiserating with snowgrouse on our inability to find jobs, which means I probably won't be able to go to the Star One con I've booked for next year. I live in a city at the edge of the world, and it will cost me over NZ$3000 all up, counting airfare of $2000 plus all other expenses. However, Greg's talking about coming too--to the UK, not the con. So perhaps I'll make it yet.

Anyway, I've been writing what I've been calling 'the big PGP' but is really 'Lynx', or more accurately, 'Lynx: Part 1: Recovery'. The whole thing has been in my head since I saw Blake's 7 in 2001, and this part's not that easy to write in my present frame of mind, as it's very introspective and angsty. There's a lot more action and fun in later instalments, but I don't want to write those until I have the earlier ones finished in case I make a major change.

So maybe it's time to take a break and write something lighter? Perhaps the alternate 'Animals', the way I think it should have been, where Og was the scientist and Justin the experimental animal? That started off as comedy in my head but Dayna said she wanted a decent story and it turned a bit more serious. Or there's the AU where Vila leaves after 'City' and eventually sets up his own fast space courier business. Hmm--that one's angsty too at the start, and close to a horror story in certain places. So perhaps I'll do the 'Animals' one, though I was going to be disciplined and write that after I'd finished part 1 of 'Lynx'.

Do I have to watch 'Animals' all the way through though, I ask myself? It's the only B7 ep I ever fast-forwarded--the first and only time I watched it, too.
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