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Blakes 7 Season 2 DVD special features

More from the Horizon Club: details of the Blake's 7 Season 2 DVD special features; can't wait! I see that Amazon are still listing the Small World model spacecraft. I hope they're right; I'd love one, though I have a Corgi original.


  • June Hudson's Costume Collection - 17 minute featurette on S2 designer June and her work.
  • Mat's Models - 12 minute featurette. This is an interview with Mat from 1993, displaying all models and filming for S2, including rare model shots (actual model footage showing Liberator on its pole) and how the effects were achieved.
  • Small World: Model Spacecraft - this programme was originally broadcast on 28th August 1980, presented by Eric Thompson , with a piece self-presented by Mat Irvine. This runs for 8 minutes with a minor trim to the original transmission due to problems with clearance for some of the music.
  • Introducing Orac: a brief but pithy introduction to the character of Orac
  • Introducing the Mutoids: 1 minute, 26 second montage of mutoid action sequences set to music (background music from Duel)
  • The Ballad of Travis 2: since the character of Travis had already been introduced on the S1 DVDs, this 3 minute, 20 second feature was put together to introduce Brian Croucher as (the new) Travis. These Travis 2 clips are set to `The Man's Too Strong' from the Dire Straits album `Brothers in Arms'. The theme of the song - a soldier facing death - uncannily mirrors Travis's own tale.
  • Clip from `Saturday Superstore', broadcast 8th January 1983. Mike Reid and Mat Irvine explaining about the teleport - 5 minutes.
  • Clip from `Scene Today' a daytime TV show broadcast 24th January 1991. Hosted by Judy Spiers with guests Gareth Thomas and Jacqueline Pearce being interviewed about the launching of Blake's 7 on BBC VHS video.
  • Clip from `The Multi-Coloured Swapshop' with presenters Noel Edmonds and Maggie Philbin and guests Gareth Thomas and Jacqueline Pearce answering questions from fans. One of the fan letters read out was from a John Ainsworth of Bolton, who went on to work for `Big Finish'.
  • Season 3 trailer - 2 versions (4:3 ratio , 2minutes, 13 seconds with no captions, plus a special widescreen version with extra captions presented like an old-style Hollywood trailer - minutes, 20 seconds)
And 6 Easter Eggs:
  • a short interview with Brian Croucher talking about the episode `Voice from the Past' (the `Jim'll Fix It Badge' story!)
  • 1 minute 51 second piece about the shuttle in the episode `Time Squad', interview with Pennant Roberts.
  • 2 minute 7 second interview with Sally Knyvette talking about the episode `The Keeper'
  • 1 minute 10 second interview with Sally Knyvette talking about Blake's kiss with his cousin Inga in the episode `Hostage'.
  • 49 second interview with Jan Chappell talking about Cally's eyes and black contact lenses.>
  • 1 minute 37 second interview with Brian Croucher talking about auditioning for the part of Blake
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