Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Shopping haul from the mall

I hate shopping. I think people know this. But I forced myself out today as there were DVD sales. We were not alone. We tried and failed to find parks in two malls, then decided to have lunch by the sea to make up for this but only found one packed restaurant open at St Heliers. A favourite, Cafe Nero, at a third mall was also closed. The fourth mall had parks and a food court. I bought the last samosa at the Indian place.

I was feeling a bit savage by then, but in the end we did OK. I now have all of Babylon 5 on DVD, and the complete set of Black Books for an excellent price. We didn't find the Red Dwarf seasons we're missing, but never mind. I also bought two chokers and bracletes from an Ecuadorian stall which was a bonus, and Greg looked at the plasma TV model he's getting for a third the price though a contact. It's huge. I'm worried.

Tomorrow I'm veging out.

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