Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: All Worthwhile

I'm behind on my b7friday cross-posting again. The week before last's topic was cold which was appropriate at the time and it still is here. Set during Harvest of Kairos, 200 words.

All Worthwhile

Vila was still shivering as they broke orbit. He tucked his hands under his arms. "Earth temperatures!" he said resentfully.

Avon didn't look up from the Sopron rock he was examining. "Oh, but they were, Vila. Antarctic."

"I'd have gone," Dayna said, glaring at Vila. "I offered!"

Avon grinned briefly. "What, and deprive Vila of so much pleasure?"

Vila gave him a quick look; had he guessed?

"That of a good moan?" Avon finished, and Dayna laughed.

Vila relaxed as much as he could while shaking with cold.

"Oh, Vila," Cally said, "you really are freezing, aren't you?"

He smiled up at her gratefully. "Well, it was a bit nippy down there, what with my weak chest and all."

"Here you are." Cally draped a thermal blanket, turned up to a pleasantly warm setting, around Vila's shoulders. "I'll get you a hot drink; that will help."

Soon afterwards, Vila huddled in the blanket, his hands around the steaming hot chocolate, and a secretive smile on his face. The best part of being cold was getting warm again. He revelled in the feeling of the explorer welcomed back home. Made it all worthwhile, really--as long as they never found out.

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