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Glittery and good things

Once it stopped hailing and thundering this morning (13 degrees C!) we braved the cold winds and went to our local mall to have coffee and a [fruit] mince pie and to prove to ourselves that Stephen Fleming (captain of the NZ cricket team) actually existed off our TV screens. (I have pictorial proof of his independent existence--with me--under the cut.) There was carol-singing from a church group which was nice; so much better than the piped stuff that drives me to consider acts of violence. They had three guys in burgundy choir robes from the Catholic Cathedral yesterday singing a capella which was also lovely.

Anyway. We did very well for ourselves there so I'm feeling much more cheerful.

After glitterboy1's Tips for luxurious living #219, I wanted glitter gel pens. The book shop didn't have them. They had lovely metallic ones, but no glitter. Sadly disappointed, I decided to try the Two Dollar Shop where things cost $2, or sometimes the shockingly inflated price of $3. It's a weird mix of kitsch, tat, and amazing bargains--Greg bought faceplates and earphones for his cellphone for $2 a piece last week. And they had glitter-pens! I bought a 6-pack for, yes, $2, all different colours. I also got a six-pack of glitter glue in various pastel colours for, um, $2. This can be used as decoration as is, or you can glue shiny things to cards with it. Pity I've done all mine.

Another reason we went there today was that Stephen Fleming was signing his book. And here he is.

SF signing

At $40 a pop, we didn't buy it. Besides, as Greg said, it seems a little odd to have his biography written before his career's even over. I was cheeky and lurked until he was finished, then Greg took a photo of me with him.

SF and me

Then on our way out we saw the LOTR extended edition trilogy on display, so we bought it. Yay! [rubs hands in glee]

Now all I want is Farscape season 4 to complete my holiday viewing. It never arrived from DeepDiscount (whom I shall never use again) so I'm getting my Visa payment reversed. The S4 set is out here now so I'm ordering it from Marbeck's tomorrow. They deliver free and I'll have that this week too. At last.

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