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First day at work

Nice people but a really crappy old building. I spent all day in a windowless room playing with spreadsheets and gantt charts and came home with a headache. Someone called out to me as I was walking down a corridor to get a drink and it turned out to be the husband of a friend I hadn't seen for years which made me feel really guilty for losing touch.

Worst things about work: having to make breakfast at an unearthly hour and pack a lunch. I've cooked enough stuffed peppers for two days but I'm sure to get sick of them.

Best things: it's only five minutes from home and the people are, as I said, very nice.

Other news: Greg bought a boxed set of CDs of favourite kids' songs we remember fondly and I've been playing Captain Beaky over and over. I love Captain Beaky. Now I have an urge to write 'Captain Blaky and his Band, the bravest rebels in the land' with Vila Toad, Avon Rat, Cally Owl, and Jenna Bat.
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