Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Other People's Conventions

And here's another go at conventions for b7friday. Set during Death-Watch, cut for length.

Other People's Conventions

"A sick friend?" Dayna screwed up her face. "Who would Avon know here?"


As Vila was behind her, Dayna suspected this was a reference to her nether regions (which she'd often caught Vila admiring) and turned round to wither him in his tracks. The look on his face gave her pause. "You know who it is, don't you?"

"I can guess."

"Servalan!" Damn, Avon was long gone. "She was mine!" Dayna grabbed impotently for her missing gun.

"Don't worry, she'll keep. The Teal-Vandor convention says she's safe, just like we are."

"Not from me, she isn't." Dayna's shoulders slumped. "But you're right, she's safe with Avon."

"Oh, I don't know. He's not as high-minded as Blake used to be."

"He could've killed her on Sarran, but he didn't." Dayna sighed. "I saw the way he looked at her."

"Avon?" Vila stared at Dayna. She looked wistful, not a common Dayna-expression. "You fancied him, didn't you?" he said softly.

Dayna shrugged.

"I thought you and Tarrant--"

"Huh! Not after Ultraworld. The only thing that made the earth move there was some high explosive."

"Oh?" Vila wanted to ask more, but decided it was safer not to. "Look, how about something hot?"

"If you mean you, Vila--"

"No, no, I meant that stall over there, Faroly's Fast Fry-Ups." Vila went over and leaned on the counter, smiling at the woman behind it. Built like a brick cell-block, she was; she'd have given old Gan a run for his money. "Hello, I take it you're Faroly. Two bag of chips, please, and give them wings." He looked around. "Where is everyone? Thought there'd be some sort of party."

Faroly threw some chips into the hot oil and a sour glance at Vila. "Did you now? Typical of an outsider. We're just disputed territory; makes no difference to us who wins."

"Well, it's better having a war fought over you, isn’t it? At least you're all still alive afterwards."

"And what would you know about it?" Faroly gave Vila a dismissive look. "I bet you've never been near a war."

"That's where you're wrong." Vila stood up straighter. "I was on the neutron blasters during the Andromedan invasion, I'll have you know."

Her eyes narrowed. "Federation, then, spying out the land."

"Course not!" Vila leaned forward confidentially, confident in the convention. "We're from the Liberator."

"Really?" Faroly looked impressed and went so far as to venture a rusty smile. "You must be that Avon, then."

There was a muffled snort from Dayna.

"Because," Faroly went on, "I heard he was a right good-looking fellow." She gave Vila an openly admiring up-and-down once-over. More a twice-over, really.

Dayna was giggling. Vila smiled smugly at her, then charmingly at Faroly as he slid a couple of coins over, recently acquired from another citizen. "Actually, I'm Vila Restal, the master thief."

Faroly's face fell like a comet down a black hole. "Oh. Are you now." She moved protectively towards her cash register. "I hope you know that the convention guarantees the safety of property too."

Dayna was openly laughing as they took their bags of chips. Vila grinned at her, delighting in her beauty and warmth. If Avon and Tarrant were out of the game, he might be in with a chance. When they got back to the ship, he'd run a mild flirt up the flagpole. Funny that Alphas never seemed to take it as a compliment like a Delta girl would, but you never knew.

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