Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Power

Just catching up on my cross-posting. Last week's b7friday topic was conventions. I wrote two; here's the first one, set before the series and 150 words.


Servalan pinned on her Starburst decoration and stepped back to admire herself in the mirror. It was her first official appearance as Supreme Commander. She said the words softly, savouring the first one in particular.

By tradition, Supreme Commanders could choose their own uniforms, and most welcomed a change from the conventional space black. Her predecessor, that fat fool Armin Gor, had gone in for powder blue trimmed with excessive amounts of gold braid, but then it had taken rather a lot to cover that expanse.

Servalan smiled at her reflection and tilted her head to make her earrings--never before worn on duty--flash and rival the glitter of the Starburst.

"Are you ready, Supreme Commander?" her aide asked.

"Oh, I think I am, Rai." Servalan flung a white feather boa across one shoulder and swept out, resplendent in pure white silk.

Nothing said 'supreme power' like ostentatious impracticality.

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