Nico (vilakins) wrote,

A bit of the proverbial

Here's some fun from the linguaphiles community.


Reduce these sentences to familar proverbs.

  1. A period of pre-eminence is passed through by each and every canine.
  2. It is fruitless to become lachrymose because of scattered lacteal fluid.
  3. Articles which coruscate are not fashioned from aureate metal, at least not necessarily.
  4. Prodigality is produced by precipitancy.
  5. Pulchritude does not penetrate the dermal layer.
  6. It is not proper for mendicants to be indicative of preferences.
  7. The number of your immature gallinaceans must not be calculated prior to their being produced.
  8. A perissodactyl ungulate mammal may be addressed toward aqueous fluid but cannot be compelled to partake thereof.
  9. It is fondness for notes of exchange that constitutes the tuberous structure of all satanically-inspired principles.
  10. Lithoidal fragments ought not to be hurled by tenants of vitreous abodes.
  11. A beholden vessel never exceeds one hundred degrees Celsius.
  12. A feathered creature clasped in the manual members is the equivalent value of a brace in the bosky growth.
  13. A detached fragment of the terrestrial lithosphere, whether of igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic origin, and whether acquiring its approximation of sphericity through hydraulic action or other attrition, when continuously maintained in motion about its temporary axis and with its velocity accelerated by an increase in the angle of declivity, is, because of abrasive action produced by the incessant but irregular contact between its periphery and the contiguous terrain, effectively prevented from accumulating on its external surface an appreciable amount of the cryptogamous vegetation normally propagated in umbrageous situations under optimum conditions of undeviating atmospheric humidity, quiescence and comparative sequestration from corrosive-erosive agencies.
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