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Lockdown meme

Here in NZ Aotearoa we're on level 4 which is one of the strictest lockdowns in the world - and it's working, just 9 new cases today. We can only leave home to buy food or if we're essential workers. We may go to level 3 next month which will allow a bit of movement in the local area. But more in this meme that others have done...

20 questions made more international, and the really crap #11 replaced

1. Are you an Essential Worker?
No; we're both in IT and have worked from home for the last four years and still are, so nothing much has changed except for more Zoom meetings.

2. How many drinks have you had since the quarantine has started?
Alcohol, I assume? Four or five, especially on Greg's birthday. Otherwise lots of tea and coffee.

3. If you have kids, are they driving you nuts? If not, are fellow bubble members (if any)?
We have cats, and though we already worked from home, they've started taking over our chairs a lot more, maybe because they can feel something's worryingly different.

4. What new hobby have you taken up during this?
I've added baking to the usual reading and knitting, though I'd call it more boredom than a hobby. I've made Irish soda bread and wholemeal sunflower bread, and a failed attempt at scones - failed because my baking powder was too old. I now know I can use 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar and 1/2 tsp of baking soda to replace 1 tsp baking powder, both of which I have, so I'll not bother with buying baking powder again.

5. How many grocery runs have you done?
I think about four to the supermarket, about the same to a small local organic dairy farm for milk, and one to an organic wholefood supplier south of town for yeast, miso, and stoneground wholemeal flour. I like going that short distance out of town for a change of scenery - contactless milk run tomorrow, yay!

6. What are you spending your stimulus / government money (if any) on?
We don't have any as our income hasn't changed. Others who aren't working will probably just be living on theirs; the government are compensating those who can't work and/or run their businesses and have also increased benefits.

7. Do you have any special occasions that you will miss during this quarantine?
Both our birthday celebrations - no going out or special food unless we make it. Greg's was last Sunday (he had barbecue steak and onions) and mine's in just over a week. I'd like to get some fresh fish and might even make a dessert which I almost never do. We have a lot of wine and craft beer so that's no problem. I'm thinking we should mark weekends with drinks or it all starts to feel so samey.

8. Are you keeping your housework done?
Ahahaha. About the same as always: do it when it looks bad (cat fluff on the wooden floors for example). I really should vacuum today...

9. What movies / films / TV have you watched during this quarantine?
Quite a lot of Studio Ghibli rewatches, assorted films, QI, Star Wars Rebels...

10. What are you streaming with?
Netflix, Amazon, Lightbox, Disney, as TV here is rubbish, and even then I can't find a lot of shows and films I want to see because we're locked out of streaming anything once shown on TV. :(

11. What's the best thing about lockdown / quarantine? (replacement question for a really crap one)
Knowing I can shlump around without a bra or even all day in my Star Trek TOS pyjamas because there won't be any unexpected visitors.

12. What's your go-to quarantine meal?
Pizza made on pita bread (hot chutney base, tomatoes, onions, cheese, lots of pepper).

13. Is this whole situation making you paranoid?
I already was because I'm terrified of getting the virus. It will be a long time before I go to a concert or any other big gathering again.

14. Has your internet gone out on you during this time?
Once or twice, easily fixed.

15. What month do you predict this all ends?
Lockdown? Maybe next month. The pandemic? I have no idea; everything will have changed anyway. I'll be happy if they extend the lockdown to make it safer for us all, but there's a lobby of right-wing rich-shit bastards trying to stop it early. The government here is doing a great job; the curve is dropping fast. We're well under 20 new cases a day (9 today); kudos to Jacinda Ardern and the government for "going fast and going hard" from the start.

16. First thing you're going to do when you get off quarantine / lockdown?
Go for a drive up the valley to the lakes to see the autumn leaves, and we can do that in level 3. In an electric car, so guilt-free!

17. Where do you wish you were right now?
Here is best right now.

18. What free-from-quarantine activity are you missing the most?
Going for drives in the country and to the beach, eating out, seeing friends.

19. Have you run out of toilet paper and hand sanitiser?
Nope. I already had the good Zoono hand sanitiser for flu season and TP isn't a problem; the stupid panic was pretty short here.

20. Do you have enough food to last a month?
I don't think so. A couple of weeks, maybe more if we lived on plain rice.

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