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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

We went to The Rise of Skywalker on Thursday (1 hour's drive each way) - and it was fun! So much better and much more upbeat than The Last Jedi despite the inevitable lens flares - seriously, we want to be immersed in a story, not distracted by a camera which isn't part of it. But that stupid Abrams quirk aside, it was entertaining, fun, and a very satisfying end to the series. As in The Force Awakens there were some nice nods to A New Hope (still my favourite).The lighting on Leia when inserted into various scenes wasn't quite right which was slightly disconcerting but it was still good to see her.

Longest credits ever but we sat through most of them just for the music; I love John Williams' Star Wars scores. This is one I'll watch again when it comes up on Disney Plus.


Re Rey's parentage: I said going in that I didn't want to know who her parents were, because did it matter given the last scene of TLJ with the little slave boy demonstrating more Force than Rey had at his age? At least the deserting stormtroopers were sensitive to the Force like Finn which I like because it ought to work through many people, not just a tiny elite. I have to say though that the high body count in stormtroopers bothered me knowing what they might have been.

I knew that Ben would reciprocate and put his life force into Rey, and I suppose he was redeemed despite all the genocide given that he was taken by the Force. Which raises the question:
Why didn't Rey disappear when she was dead? Or was she in a coma?

Other questions that bothered me:
  • How come Tie fighters can get suddenly into hyperspace? What was all the dodging around columns when they came out - I thought hyperspace was safe only in vacuum?
  • What did Finn want to tell Rey, and why put it in the film if it wasn't important enough to bother telling us? It doesn't look like "I love you?" at the end when all three hugged platonically.
  • When did Rey get or make the lightsabre she had at the end?

I think the whole trilogy suffered as it seemed it wasn't planned as a whole with TLJ going off on a completely different (rather depressing and defeatist) track which had to be corrected in this film. But it's a fitting and satisfying end.

Now to watch Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian, yay! (I've been distracted by playing the awesome Heaven's Vault game.)

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