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Weekend up north

Because DW has given paid and premium accounts more image hosting space, I'll go back to using it to see if it's any easier than Imgur. This possibly means more posts, including some catch-ups. If only it were as easy as Facebook...

To start with, here are photos of the sunrise as we left for Auckland on May the fourth for the Star Wars concerts, the views from our B&B in Meadowbank, and the Tesla Model 3 we had a look at on Sunday morning; ours being due to arrive in the next 2-3 months (we hope).

Sunrise (with a bit of added roof and, I see, a few spots on the window

Lagoon and city with Sky Tower on a beautiful calm Sunday morning. Yep, we'll probably stay here again next time we're in town.

We were one minute from the train station; the trains go across that strip of land. There's a walkway and cycle lane beside it which we've walked before but didn't have time for this weekend, what with the visit to Tesla and meeting up with relatives.

Tesla Model 3 in red. We're tossing up between red and pearl white for ours but though the red is utterly gorgeous, the white has a subtle sheen; I think it boils down to whether we want to be noticed or blend in. I suppose the white is rather stormtrooper, so there is that. :-)

I almost forgot, though it will only interest NZers: I sat beside Shane Cortese on the plane up. I said, "It's Loki!" which made him laugh. He played Loki in The Almighty Johnsons, Hayden Peters in Outrageous Fortune, and Dennis Buchanan, in Brokenwood (and other roles I haven't seen). I said that he seems to have made dodgy lawyers and businessmen a thing, but added that one doesn't have to like a character to find them entertaining, and he agreed that he'd rather play characters like that as it's far more interesting than likeable roles. Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comment count unavailable comments.
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