Nico (vilakins) wrote,

More on gender in SF, and the Moclans

Another trope in SF series is that females are always smaller and more rounded than the males and of course with mammary glands, no matter the alien race, even reptilian ones. (Discovery, you could have made Saru's sister as thin and angular as him, but no.)

However I'm now wondering what Moclan females are. The males mate and lay eggs, so what, anatomically, are "females"? Essentially neuter? With no children to take care of (and be expected to have), they could instead be the defenders, protectors, the standing army, even the governing body.

Come on, The Orville, you could find some old records showing something like that, and the current persecution perhaps based to be on a long-ago failed military uprising.

I bet you won't, but prove me wrong.

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Tags: orville, sf
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