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Yet again with that tired and offensive old sexism trope?

I generally enjoy The Orville with its classic Star Trek feel and light touch, but seriously, why do pretty much all SF series (and I'm looking at you too, Farscape; rant here) have to do the sexist society trope? You know, as if it's new and original? As if they have something new to say?

Yeah, right.

It might be slightly original if it were men being oppressed but as far as I know only C J Cherryh's Chanur novels have done that.

We had to put up with the Moclan society and Bortus's offensive mate last season, and oh joy, here we go again. Enough already; I refuse to watch.

Here's an excerpt from a review I found online,
While "Sanctuary" acts as a sequel-of-sorts to the events of "About a Girl," it is also in essence going over the same ground — and ground we will no doubt return to in Season 3. The continuing theme will undoubtedly polarize viewers, with some heralding this as a follow-up and others saying it's simply repeating what's already been said.

You may remember, we learned in "Primal Urges" (S02 E02) that the Moclan method of beginning divorce proceedings is to murder your mate. Fingers crossed, then, that Bortus plunges a dagger deep into the chest of Klyden before the end of the second season. He's got two episodes left to do it.
That last bit? Totally seconded!

One small plus: Marina Sirtis in a bit part as a teacher very early on, using her own accent. Once you've seen her scene, you can skip the rest.

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