Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The return of the icon meme

1. Comment to this entry with "Ooh, shiny!" and I will pick three of your icons.

2. Make an entry in your own journal (or just reply if you prefer) and talk about the icons I picked.

[personal profile] mab_browne  asked about these icons, all three made by me:

This is Elim Garak from Star Trek:DS9, ostensibly a "plain and simple" Cardassian tailor who enjoyed the holodeck, but in reality a lot more complex, being an exiled spy and former member of the Obsidian Order, the Cardassian intelligence service. He was one of my favourite characters.

Servalan, the elegant and evil Supreme Commander of  the Federation's Space Fleet from Blake's 7, swanned about in formal gowns that proclaimed her power: who needs uniforms and rank insignia when you can dress in white and never actually get your hands - or clothes - dirty? She's here at Space Fleet HQ with her glass flower, smiling sweetly and being evil.

Vila Restal, also from Blake's 7, a very clever thief and often the comic relief though he was at heart a sad character who had no self-confidence outside his skills and was often picked on. His and Avon's witty interactions in the first two seasons (they were at that stage sort of friends) were what attracted me to the show when I found a list of quotes online. He was my favourite in B7 (as you can tell from my username) and one of very few faves who aren't alien or androids, oddly enough because he was so very human.
This icon was made years ago when I went on a comic-making kick with the GIMP image software: reduce an ordinary screencap to outlines, then fill them in.

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