Nico (vilakins) wrote,

'City at the Edge of the World' screencaps

I've uploaded my screencaps of City at the Edge of the World to my LJ galleries. If LJ is being slow, just try again later.

  • See Vila being brave and clever and utterly adorable
  • See Tarrant being a bully and a dork
  • See kick-arse Cally in action
  • See Avon being grumpy because the wind messed up his hair
  • See Dayna play with her toys
  • See Bayban pull funny faces
  • See Kerril's quick change from tough gunhand to pretty airhead to get her thief
  • See it work
  • See hot B7 sex the scene cut quickly to a particularly phallic protuberance of the Liberator

And I made my first (and probably last) animated icon from a cute succession of Vila expressions when Kerril interrupts him at his work: concentration, annoyance, and finally stunned amazement as he sees the transformed Kerril.
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