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Steampunk Festival: Sunday

Later than I'd planned, but here's the last lot of photos.

Taking a traditional tintype photo

I was intrigued and got one. Not a good shot, taken unflatteringly from below, and it was very hard to take a photo of the plate as it was extremely shiny; I had to crop out lots of reflections. I should have worn the curly wig; it would have looked better (see below).
And huh! I just realised why it looks odd; it's reversed. I wonder why.

And this is the shot of me that ended up in the local paper last year, snipped from the online edition. Yep, back to the wig next year.

And more up to date - hamster cheeks me! My goggles are very like the real aviator ones I wore for the Tiger Moth flight.

A couple I encountered. She not only has the same raygun as me; she has one of the teacup-and-saucer holsters attached to her belt.

I thought Monster Teapot Racing would be, well, monster ride-in teapots like this one. I was wrong.

It was the a few of the same teapots raced yesterday, but in an outside area. You can see the real monster teapot to the left. I was disappointed I didn't see it being driven.

Closeup of a contender

The only reason you get this one, taken by someone else, is that I'm in it in the front row right below the right-hand frame of the furthest window. And man, it was cold!

And finally: parasol duelling which is somewhat similar to rock, paper, scissors.
  • Plant (planting the parasol on the ground in front) – rock
  • Twirl (twirling over your shoulder) – paper
  • Snub (opening the parasol out in front of you) – scissors
Here you see the plant and the snub.

There is talk of a gentleman's cane duel next year.

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