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Steampunk Festival: Saturday

I've tried to select photos that are different from last year's, so none of tea duelling for example, though I did watch again (but didn't compete this time).

The morning parade. It was so cold the pipers complained their fingers were numb, but hey, beautiful crisp winter weather!

The parade going down towards the harbour including belly dancers [personal profile] trixieleitz might know

Love the intrepid armed chap!

I had to take this one, with her special parasol holder ready for the parasol duelling on Sunday - and the vestigial bustle!

Steampunked morris dancers for [personal profile] watervole , Fiery Peak from Geraldine who do border morris

More Fiery Peak

Chap with traction!

The Christchurch wizard (who has a house here) having a political discussion with a friend at the tea duelling

At the market, Gareth Ward, author of the YA steampunk novel The Traitor and the Thief - an excellent read! He told me the best part of the day was when two kids ran up to him staying it was their favourite book, and were absolutely stoked to have selfies with him.

Splendid Teapot Racing (invented here) in which remote-controlled teapots have to navigate an assault course; one of the winners tackling the curved ramp, the bane of many wheeled teapots

A teapot about to take on the final challenge

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