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Steampunk Festival: Friday

Earlier this month was the annual Steampunk Festival (see these two posts for last year's). I've finally sorted out some photos for each of the three days. Not much for Friday as it officially started that night.

First event was an afternoon tea and book launch for author Michelle Webb AKA "Isla Mendit", seen here with her husband. Her two books detail how to steampunk yourself, with such cool projects as a jet pack largely made of drink bottles.

We were at Pen-y-bryn Lodge, a huge, magnificent old place that costs so much to stay in, this was the only chance I'd ever get to see inside. This is the dining room where we had tea and the launch. I sat with between my Hungarian friend Katalin and another author, Gareth Ward, writer of the wonderful YA steampunk novel The Traitor and the Thief.

Me and friend Katalin, a really crap photo someone else took with my phone after several failures to even get a photo. I ditched the long curly wig for the rest of the festival as it was forever snagging in my necklace of cogs.

At 6pm when it was well dark, there was the real opening event, Fire and Steam when Harbour Street is closed off and filled with, yes, fire and steam, steampunkers, food stalls, fire eaters, belly dancers etc.

The parade, featuring masks made by local artist and acquaintance Donna Demente
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