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Taking flight on the shortest day

I still haven't got round to sorting out and selecting from my many photos of the steampunk festival, but here are some others.

On Thursday, the shortest day (yay, past at last!) I went on a Tiger Moth flight from Omarama over Lake Benmore, a gift Greg ordered for my birthday. It was freezing (literally: -1C) but totally awesome! The plane was one that took part in the Warbirds over Wanaka and is based there, but I got a 30-minute flight from Omarama (a place famous for clear skies and great gliding weather) on its way north to Auckland for winter maintenance.

Me in several layers of warm clothing - plus a huge and thick borrowed flight jacket, helmet, goggles, and mic to be able to talk to the pilot. You can see the frost in the plane's shadow - and it was only waiting for us there for 10 minutes.

I'm not sure how the sun made that reflection, but a shining Excalibur in Lake Benmore!

The mighty Benmore Dam is out of sight though I did see it in the distance; pity we didn't have time to fly over it

Snow on the mountains

Frost on the ground; you can see where it's been exposed by shifting tree shadows

The Tiger Moth, back on the ground. It flew to Blenheim that day, then to Auckland on Friday for its winter annual overhaul.

Two lifesize (so to speak) plush Shreks enjoying tea in dainty cups in the Valley Cafe, Kurow, encountered on our way back from Omarama

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