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Fic: The Delta Hoard (Blake's 7/Detectorists)

Here's my [community profile] intoabar fic - yes, yet another one where I throw Vila into a universe he doesn't belong in. There are probably vanishingly few people who know both fandoms, but [personal profile] zoefruitcake, who put me and Greg onto Detectorists - for which I am very grateful - is one. If you can get hold of it, do.

Title: The Delta Hoard
Author: [personal profile] vilakins
Prompt: Vila Restal goes into a bar and meets... Andy Stone!
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Detectorists
Word count: 2,728
Rating/Contents: Gen, No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: Vila needs to retrieve two Terran Federation credit coins, so he enlists the unwitting help of two metal detectorists.

The Delta Hoard Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comment count unavailable comments.
Tags: crossovers, ficathon stories
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