Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ashley is 10

It's Ashley's observed birthday today (we're not sure when she was born, but it's close enough). Here are some photos of her (and occasionally her friend and adopted brother Sebastian) taken over the last year. She's 10, but still looks half-grown, being only 3kg - as light as a silvery-grey cloud.

A ball of Ashley, curled up in the downstairs sunroom. That green chair is somewhat furred up, as you can see.

Ashley is ready for her closeup.

Ashley and Sebastian in the front garden. This looks very different now it's been cleared and made into a much nicer rock garden with native plants. All the messy weeds, mostly cropped out here, are gone.

Enjoying the morning sun in our bedroom window. I love the stripes between her toes.

Ashley and Sebastian looking at something in the next door garden one morning last week, probably Noisel the big friendly tabby who lives there and visits us.

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