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Anzac in Action

It's Anzac Day today, so here are photos from the Anzac in Action event we went to on Sunday at the Rangitata Island Aerodrome. It was really impressive with WW1 trenches complete with dugout, lots of military vehicles, and a simulated battle to end the day.

Stargate fans, look for the surprise Goa'uld!

Poppy field with two old men remembering fallen comrades - poppies and men made by the Geraldine Creative Fibre Group

Trying out the rifle with attached trench periscope

A soldier and jeep from the 28th Maori Battalion

A faithful reproduction of the WW2 jeep a NZ soldier drove in North Africa and Italy - he's holding a photo of it here

And here we have a completely random Goa'uld!


Tiger Moth about to take off

The airfield cat, a sweetie enjoying the sun and attention by the runway, completely unfazed by the planes taking off. She meowed and butted me for more petting. I do love encountering unexpected cats. :-)

The reenactors preparing for the battle

They were using blanks, but it was loud and I could feel the field gun going off

Firing back at attacking soldiers with the Vickers - victory!

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