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Warbirds Over Wanaka - Saturday

Saturday last weekend at Wanaka started off muddy and cloudy after a night of heavy rain, but at least the rain and stopped, and the hot sun was back out before lunch. Unfortunately right at the beginning a Yak-3 clipped a cherry picker with its wing after landing, got spun right round, and damaged its wing, undercarriage, and the cherry picker. Right in front of our stand; yikes! And why were the cherry pickers even there? We were told it was for fireworks, or maybe something to do with the coloured balloons on the far side of the runway, but they were gone the next day. Anyway, the investigation and getting the poor Yak-3 off the runway closed it for two and a half hours, so much of the morning programme was cancelled. We were glad we bought passes for the three days.

Here is a small selection of the many photos I took.


The Roaring Forties Harvard team

An F16 from the USAF, a highlight for many. It couldn't land in Wanaka so it flew over from Christchurch, a trip of about 10 minutes, and roared past us at low altitude and did loops releasing flares; exhilarating! And loud. The USAF commentator was almost as loud and fast with his manic patriotic rant but the plane made up for it.

One of the highlights for me - my beloved Spitfire! There are at least a couple flying in NZ; I've seen one in an Auckland airshow. This particular one, a Mk 1X, and the Messerschmitt 109 in the photo following, both took part in the film Dunkirk.

Messerschmitt 109, over from the UK, still in its Dunkirk livery. Having them both flying together was just awesome!

Avro Anson Mk 1, the last one in the world still flying. This particular one shot down two Messerschmitts in WW2 because the MEs were silly enough to fly in front and get themselves into the crosshairs.

Dogfight! Spitfire in pursuit of ME-109 with the Anson trailing smoke.

The Harvard Salute with 11 planes, or as Greg called it, the big wing. They hoped to get all 13 in the country up, but this was pretty impressive.

There weren't any Hurricanes flying, but there was one in the museum, making it three out of three for my favourite fighters!

The Paradiso in Wanaka - how could we not go to a cinema called that on Saturday night? We saw Ready Player One which we wanted to see anyway, having loved the book. As well as one sticking out the front, there was a yellow Morris Minor in the cinema for two people to watch the film from. Too close to the screen for us, so nope. The cinema has delicious freshly baked biscuits (cookies to USans), espresso, and a great cafe menu; well worth a visit.

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