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The Annual Tree Octopus Hunt

The annual expedition in search for the elusive antipodean tree octopus took place in the Oamaru Gardens today. It's a fun steampunk event starting with a splendid (a very steampunk adjective) picnic and tea, then armed with a list of clues we ventured forth in search of octopodes. Why yes, that is the correct plural, the word being Greek rather than Latin.

We had to follow cryptic clues taking us all around the gardens answering questions on our forms and keeping an eye out for Octavia and the more rarely seen Septimus. Our team found them both, plus a third unnamed plushy. It was a fun day, but very hot and humid; I admired the fortitude of those sporting more elaborate and heavier regalia than I did.

Music for our picnic in and around the rotunda was provided by this chap with his gramophone.

And here he is posing with his gramophone and portrait of Kitchener, whom he resembles.

An awe-inspiring sight: Octavia in a large weeping elm

We discovered Septimus lurking in the fernery. There was also a small blue plush octopus in the vicinity, I assume to be called Sextus.

Post-expedition tea; there is always tea

A hunter with his blunderbus. It's made of a real rifle stock, a pipe from a bicycle frame, and part of a brass lamp, and was damned splendid, by Jove!

Two other chaps discussing the relative merits of their weapons

A few of the intrepid explorers relaxing on the lawn after their exertions

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