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Chinese New Year in Oamaru

I've been meaning to catch up with my photo backlog, but hey, here are some from this evening!

I just got back from a wonderful time at the Chinese New Year celebrations in the Oamaru Gardens down the hill from us. There was lots of yummy food, we were entertained by beautiful dances, and I even scored a relaxing massage for a donation. It was a brilliant evening - no fireworks though because there's a fire ban this summer.

I should add: the cultural dance group from Dunedin was led by... a Dr Hu!

It was enormous fun, and tomorrow there's yet more with a steampunk octopus hunt, also in the gardens.

Dragon dance and drummers

Lion dance - this was so cute, performed by a children's dance group, two kids to each lion costume

Fan dance, again by Dr Hu's cultural group

Tibetan dance which features long sleeves which are swung and twirled.

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