Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Happiness meme

From astrogirl2, and I need this after a depressing week for various, mostly health-related, reasons.

What's something that wasn't on television that made you happy in the last seven days?

Going to see Prunella Scales in her one-woman show (supported by a pianist and tenor) An Evening with Queen Victoria: a portrait in her own words on Saturday night. I saw this on TV many years ago and it was wonderful to see it again. Scales has an amazing ability to change instantly from an old woman to an eager teenager. The script contains Victoria's own words from her diaries from age 13 till her jubilee, plus the last entry. Despite the familiar picture we have of her, she was in fact very amused at a lot of things. She was very intelligent, surprisingly witty, and had some brilliantly snarky remarks about her offspring and babies in general. A delight all round.

Having a meal out with Greg on Tuesday night, at the local Italian restaurant.

My sweet and affectionate cats, who always make me smile.

Being asked back to do web maintenance in Albany. The work's fun enough to make up for the long commute, and it's novel to have one's work appreciated.

Having a couple of days off, even though I'm not paid for them.
Hey, there was more than I thought!
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