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Assorted December photos

I haven't posted for a while because I have a backlog of photos and can no longer get into flickr, damn them, as I don't have a yahoo email address and don't want one. After looking around, I found imgur, though I suppose that won't last long either.

This is what I found in the car when we went to the vet to get supplies and left the windows down because it was a hot day. I laughed as I do love an unexpected cat.

This cat lives at a nearby house but hangs out at the vet, testing their cat beds. She's pretty friendly and was happy to be picked up and carried away. Her nose is slightly green; she must have had it buried in the grass.

Four more seasonal ones including Christmas lilies in our garden, the Christmas Farmers Market, and a stuffed Queen Victoria

These Christmas lilies came out two days ago so they're a but premature. :-)

A stuffed Queen Victoria outside a shop in the Victorian Precinct. Isn't she wonderful! I'll have to post about our Victorian celebrations, which included a live version.

Pipers at the "twilight" Christmas market. It ran from 4:30 to 7pm so it was hardly that; it doesn't get dark till well after 9:30. As a lot of Scots settled in the area, we have a lot of bagpipes and various citizens who prefer to dress in kilts every day. This band was playing Christmas carols. YOu can't see it but the sea is beyond and the building to the right is a brewery and pub with lots of outdoor tables, perfect for a hot summer

And with that, I wish everyone who celebrates a great day, and everyone who'd off on holiday safe journeys and a good time.

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