Nico (vilakins) wrote,

UK trip pics!

Pictures from my UK trip are now up, on Fotobilder.

I put them on LJ's Fotobilder (do they know German?) for which I'm a beta tester; it will be available for everyone in a few months. They'll need to be faster though. I chose them because they have some cool features like being able to put your photos in any order, and because I'll be able to put my 'City at the Edge of the World' screencaps there (very soon); some sites would object.

Once you click on a thumbnail, use the next and previous buttons for a slideshow, or just click on those you fancy (it was a very geeky tour, but there are a few scenic shots). 'Up' takes you up a level.

Here's the structure. You can go to the first link and explore, or use these.

Main gallery page

My Cats (not UK, but hey!)
Star One (Blake's 7 con, and the only pics of me you'll see here)
UK Holiday This has small sub-galleries:
Bletchley Park (Site of WW2 code-breaking)
Newport Area (Roman ruins, linda_joyce, a transporter)
Bristol and Bath (bridges, spacefall, and baths)
Portmadog and Portmerion (steam trains and Prisoner locations)
Langollen (Daleks, canals, scenery!)
The North (a castle, kalypso_v, more canals and bridges, and some smut)
York (pretty city, worrying food, maltreated burglars)
Duxford War Museum (old planes, yay)
If Fotobilder is slow, try again later.

Oh, and the icon was made from one of kerr_avon's lovely photo-manips, with her permission.
Tags: holiday, photos, star one 2004
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