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New year in Oamaru

Our neighbour Michael the Bookbinder invited us to a new year's party. He's the one who dresses in Victorian clothes every day...

... even when clearing the gutters on his house.

He invited us to a new year's party. Photos including Noisel the cat.

Noisel in the garden (he's often in ours too)

Guests' attire was Victorian, Scottish, generally eccentric, and something called Lolita which originated in Japan. The woman here dresses Lolita Sweet every day; there's also Lolita classic, punk, gothic, sailor, school - have a look. It was new to me. I wore a linen cotton trousers, a collarless shirt, and a boater because it was a warm night.

In the garden

It doesn't get dark till around 10pm in summer. This was about 8:30. The building to the right is the Bookbinder's Retreat where we stayed for two nights when we get here before our belongings. I have photos of that from our stay which I'll put up in the next post.

This Scot (a lot of Scots settled here originally) is outside a fair bit of Michael's home-brew beer. I took the photo to show the living room which still has the original Victorian wallpaper.

Michael's homage to Victoria. Not a good photo as it was at night and the lighting is authentically low. :-)

I discovered from all Michael's books on the Napoleonic wars that he's a wargamer with thousands of tiny hand-painted soldiers and equipment from the period; we spent some time looking at those and he was impressed with how much I knew. I used to wargame but my period was the WW2 North African campaign and I used boards and counters. I wish I still had them now.

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