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Answers for lost_spook

2. Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?

Just one: Work Experience, in which Vila is sentenced to work in an office and makes the acquaintance of a certain computer tech called Avon. The work part is based on my experience as a programmer, and the stupid, petty, bullying manager Jon Heton is a direct portrait of the utter bastard with a very similar name who was the reason I left that particular job. Various incidents either happened to me or to others, and some of the pranks perpetrated were ones I or others played on colleagues in various jobs.

I also turned two other bastard colleagues from a different job into the two torturers in Lynx - Rescues, but that's it. I prefer writing about what I don't know. :-)

6. Care to share a favourite hurt/comfort fic?

I'm hopeless at picking favourites of anything! Surprisingly I h=only have 5 stories tagged as such. OK, The Hand of Friendship.

19. Any fandom tropes you can't resist?

Hurt/comfort of course, though I haven't written as many as I'd thought. I don't know the names of the trope, but odd-couple-type friendship, and opposites attract (Vila/Soolin).

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