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Somewhat late update

My active reading lists have dwindled so much, I've consolidated all my LJ and DW people (non-community-or-feed) filters and even then they're pretty thin.

But then, I haven't been posting much either, partly because of that, and partly because I take ages to get round to cropping, resizing, and uploading the backlog photos I have planned to post. Maybe I'll work backwards from the most recent.

In the meantime:
  • Coolness: The weather's been dry (so not like Auckland) and the blossoms here have been stunning - we get four seasons, unlike the hot-and-wet and cold-and-wet of Auckland. ;-) And on Saturday night when we were on our way out for dinner, there was a huge orange blood moon over the sea, with wisps of cloud making black stripes, a tiger moon!
  • Victorian festival: coming up in November. My friend from way back who moved here this year too showed me all her Victorian gear, mostly made of old curtains, but I think I'll go for the Three Men in a Boat look with my striped blazer and a boater if I can find one online. I don't do dresses.
  • Writing: I haven't managed to do any writing or art, but come November I'll try to get back into the long fic of doom when picowrimo comes up. I did meet a pro writer who wants me to join an international writers' group which does a lot of e-publishing. Hmmm. I'd have to have an original novel idea that's not one of the ones I've run in my head for private entertainment as they're a bit derivative, dating from teenage years. And yeah, so not ready for that with all the problems here. Plus she's terrifyingly brilliant and confident, and a bit scary. But fascinating!
  • House: We still haven't unpacked completely, and with less storage than we had in Auckland, it's getting hard to figure out where things should go (and that includes Out). There's also a huge amount of work to do as only the two sun rooms can be painted right away; the rest of the walls need stripping and replastering at a guess, and it's hard to get people in to advise. At least now I have some recced names which might mean they'll actually show up and do  stuff. This is all up to me as Greg's away most of each week in Christchurch at a client site.
  • Klutziness: We went to Timaru to look at lighting because there aren't any lighting shops here, and that's what I was doing, looking up at the lights when I tripped over a stand. I hit the floor, bashing my knee and a finger, but the worst part was that my left show got ripped off without coming undone and at least one tow got broken. This has happened before. There's nothing to do but tape them together and put up with it but it's been almost a month now. :-( If I'm not careful and bang my foot or walk on uneven ground, it hurts.
Anyway. Various photos to come. [slopes off now to have a cup of tea and a read]
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