Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Weathery strangeness

On the way home this evening, driving in early evening sunlight, I was puzzled by the other side of the road being wet. Had the council had to spray it for some incomprehensible reason? It was soaked up to slightly over the dotted line in the centre, but my side was completely dry. Then I turned into my street--and it was raining gently.

Given Auckland's changeable weather, I've often driven though sharp demarcation lines between rain and sun, but I've never seen one that ran right down the centre of a considerable stretch of road before.

Incidentally, we also get lots of sun-showers (rain and sun at the same time) and 'glories', those dramatic rays of light through gaps in the clouds which I called 'God looking down' when I was a kid.

Tags: weather
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