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Windows, some with cats in them

As some of you were interested in seeing more of our windows and views, here are some more photos taken today.

Plus added cats!

The windows upstairs are all lead lights.

Ashley in our bedroom window, standing on her tail as is her wont. The house next door is Michael the Bookbinder's.

View from the upstairs sunroom showing our garden, Michael the Bookbinder's garden (with greenhouse), Oamaru Gardens (the long white building straight above the greenhouse is part of them), a glimpse of town, and the sea.

Jasmin surveying the view (our garden and Hospital Hill (though the old hospital is no longer there; that's a hotel). We think that's a cherry tree; if so, it'll look amazing when in full blossom. Jasmin went out the window after I took the photo - she can get down to the garden from the roof below.

And out the other way you can see the rest of our north-facing garden (that wonky pagoda thing is ours) and the snowy Alps on the other side of the country, just at the top left of the view.

Downstairs there's a mix of stained glass and what I've heard called crystal glass.

Living room bay window (5 windows altogether)

Ashley in it

One crystal window, in the dining room

The other, in the living room

Bonus Sebastian sunning himself on the upstairs sunroom floor.

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