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Cool (and cold) stuff

We're still unpacking and trying to organise where things go in a house with half the storage. This is complicated by like things not being packed with like, or even things which were on the same desk being packed together. I've found most of my computer gear and eventually the cables, but so far the rest eludes me. And as the study is full of unpacked boxes, there's nowhere to put my desk anyway. So the decluttering continues, and I thought I'd done a good job of that before we left. Now it's extreme ruthlessness time.

The house is lovely and sunny and warm which is a good thing as the pond down the hill is frozen and they're predicting snow! SNOW! Not since I lived in Germany have I seen snow in a town. Not that it'll stay long here by the sea. Greg is nervous that the power might go off so he's laid in lots of firewood. But then, fiddling with the fire has become a favourite pastime. The cats enjoy it too.

Cool things about Oamaru
  • The local supermarket has baristas and coffee cup holders in the trolleys.
  • Excellent cafes and restaurants.
  • The local cinema is small, but has four digital screens with leather loungers and sofas - we went to see Dough and were in a room that seated maybe 20. They do 3D too PLUS they have a steampunk Millennium Falcon built of found parts in the foyer. Next time I'm taking my phone to get a photo.
  • We were in the hardware store when a friend I've known since high school rushed up to me and hugged me. Was she on holiday here? No, she moved here in April. She'd been living in Dunedin and I hadn't seen her for a few years. SO COOL! We're already planning to do some of our comedy routines at an upcoming concert.
  • There's a newcomers' group who meet for coffee at the Opera House, games evenings, book club, and walks in the park below us. Everyone's super-friendly, like everyone else here, and though most come from elsewhere in the country, there are people from the US, Hungary, and Pakistan.
  • We went to the monthly games evening last night, taking Rummikub, a favourite Israeli game. The hosts have so many games, they fill four bookcases. I thought we were a bit OTT with about 20 games. My friend came too and it was huge fun with fun people - I'm so going again.
  • The medical practice I signed on with has four doctors, two of whom are Americans. The one I saw for a checkup last week turned up at the games evening - small town! The other one I don't know but she's Dr Liberatore. :-D
That all makes up for the small library which hardly has any SF and makes me sad because I'll have to go the ebook route which could get expensive.

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